by The Instigation

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skoalta get their other EP first, it's better. this is still great though. loud, fast, angry, like my bowels on a good day. Favorite track: Misery Guts.
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DB SCHENKER Brutally simple pre-Rollins Black Flag. Chinese. Both fucking awesome and a bit exotic. And geo-politically fascinating. But mainly just awesome. Favorite track: Brainwashed.
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first 7inch by self-release.
limited 200 handnumbering.



released November 1, 2012

all lyrics by simon cochrane
all songs by the instigation
recorded at juju studio Feb 2011
Mixed & Mastered by Ryohei Tomomatsu Studio 263 West



all rights reserved


The Instigation Shanghai, China

The Instigation is a hardcore punk band that plays garage punk or a garage punk band thats plays hardcore punk.

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Track Name: Foreign moron
Foreign Moron

Get out! Stay out! Don't come back!
Get out! Stay out! Don't come back!

See you out all over town,
You're a big deal 'cos your eyes are round
Take away that pasty skin,
No cash, no bird, you won't win
Pray upon the young and dumb,
The bell has tolled, your time has come
Gonna put you in your place,
Smash this brick in your pretty face

Hate your life, I hate you too - Foreign Moron!
Spend your cash on stupid gash - Foreign Moron!
Times have changed but you can't see - Foreign Moron!
You hate it here but you'll never leave - Foreign Moron!
Track Name: Brainwashed

See them marching side by side,
Can't stand this national pride
Bound by what - a history?
Sounds like an excuse to me
Salute the flag, shed a tear
you're not proud you live in fear
Maybe it's identity...me I'd rather live free!

Bound by race, bound by creed, no excuse - You're Racist!
Brainwashed Fool!
Bound by race, bound by creed, poor excuse - Shortsighted!
Brainwashed Fool!
Track Name: Misery Guts
Misery Guts

don't wanna talk to you,
dont wanna eat your food,
don't wanna do this job,
don't wanna fuck a fob,
don't wanna write a pitch,
don't wanna hear you bitch,
don't wanna be your friend,
...coming to my wits end
when's it gonna end?

Misery Guts - swallowed up
Misery Guts - can't get out
Misery Guts
Track Name: Crack Baby
Crack Baby

Know this girl, she's real lame
don't know shit but she's out for fame
she's a puppet on a string
walks along, draped in bling
needs a man or she'll die
on her own she can't survive
what's behind those panda eyes?
empty brain. no surprise

stupid hair - crack baby
stupid clothes - crack baby
LV bag - crack baby
fuckin' slag - crack baby

She's grown old, she's had her lot
missed her chance, empty cot
he used her up, left her dry
no more tears left to cry
traded in for a younger make
that bullshit love is all so fake
based on money, based on lies
empty heart. no surprise